Junkyard, auto slavage, auto recycling facility, we leave the description up to the customer. One thing we, and our steady flow of customers know, is that our business, Always Used Auto Parts, strives to meet every customer's expectation to receive friendly and honest service. The history of the used auto parts business runs deep in their family roots. Bobby and Marlene, along with co-owners Henry and Kim Elling, have owned and operated Always Used Auto Parts at 1604 Steel Street for 15 years. Our property, snuggled in behind the Dominion Virginia Power Plant, is no stranger to the used auto parts business. It has been a continuous site for auto recycling business for over 30 years.

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary would have you believe that junk is anything of little importance or value. That's not an accurate definition for what occupies the acreage at Always Used Auto Parts. Don't expect paved paths and signs directing you to all the exhibits, but on agood day you will find dry pathways among the nearly 2000 cars, some as new as 2010 models, waiting and willing to give up their parts so your car or truck can live. You can only imagine what they would say if they could talk.

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We are located at:
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(757) 558-3660

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